Come join us for a great event and southern hospitality.

The Jaguar Society of South Carolina (JSSC), on behalf of JCNA, sends our warm regards with this invitation to join us for a fun and productive Annual General Meeting in our capital city of Columbia.  Standing on Main Street, outside the host hotel, there are views of the capital’s copper dome, through the canopies of live oaks.  Main Street is lined with these beautiful shading trees and the capital is only a three-block-walk away from the hotel.  Traffic here moves slowly and there are stores and restaurants within a short walk.  The Columbia Museum of Art is just across the street from the Marriott. 

On Saturday mornings there is an open market on Main Street named “Soda City Market.”  For the market, several blocks of Main Street close, and 150 individual and small business vendors sell food, produce, arts, crafts, and various wares.  We hope that our delegates’ guests, might enjoy the market while we are holding our AGM.  Columbia weather in August typically has day-time highs around 90 degrees with humidity and night-time lows of about 70 degrees.  

Our plan for Friday is to arrive, relax, and enjoy the afternoon and evening with fun and entertaining social activities.  Afterall, JCNA and JCNA groups are social clubs that bring Jaguar car enthusiasts together.   JCNA sponsors two North American events each year, the AGM and the IJF.  An AGM is a once-a-year opportunity to see distant friends and meet fellow members who volunteer their time and effort to the benefit of JCNA and JCNA groups.  Your Board of Directors members, JCNA Committee members, and Delegates who attend an AGM have all volunteered to be stewards for the welfare and best interest of JCNA, as authorized by JCNA Bylaws and Policies.  So, Friday’s activities are our small token of thanks for what these fellow members give. 

Our friends at the Coventry Foundation have partnered with JSSC to host an open house, activities, heavy hors d'oeuvres and refreshments during Friday afternoon.  We will provide frequent shuttles for the ten-mile and less than twenty-minute drive.  The exhibition of several Jags, the factory tool collection that supports JCNA’s tool loan program, and exhaustive and rare collections of Jaguar literature, media, and collectibles, as well as JCNA’s archives, will be available to peruse.  Coventry Foundation has acquired a large collection of remote-controlled model cars and will hold a RC car slalom with at least three classes and champions will be crowned!  Those driving their Jags to the AGM can bring their Jag, to the Foundation, regardless of its shine, for a chance at a “People’s Choice” award.  Also, will be a silent auction of Jaguar parts and supplies that are surplus to the Foundation's needs. 

Friday evening, JSSC will host a Southern BBQ Dinner and speaker at the Foundation.  Dinner will be in a large, airy, air-conditioned tent, and a JSSC member, who is a BBQ “pitmaster,” will slow-cook some good BBQ along with traditional South Carolina side dishes. 

Our speaker for this “Cannonball BBQ Dinner” will be David Yarborough, from Charleston, SC, who, with Dave Heinz, ran and won the last official and infamous Cannonball Run in an XJ-S in 1979.  David was also a Jaguar Dealer throughout the 1970s, and so helped carry the torch during an era that included the XKE, introduction of the XJ6, the V12, and XJ-S.  Jaguar Journal acknowledged his Cannonball success in the Summer 1979 issue. Later, JJ published a two-part article in the Nov/Dec 1988 and Jan/Feb 1989 issues, which we shall post for you on the JCNA website. 

We anticipate long-standing sponsors and friends of JCNA to participate, including SNG Barratt, Hagerty Insurance, Moss Classic Jaguar (XKs Unlimited), Welsh Enterprises, and of course Jaguar Land Rover North America.  It probably would not be as fun to belong to our car club and “kick tires” if our cars didn’t run. We should appreciate the good-will and support these sponsors extend to us and make the best of their attendance. 

Saturday, the AGM will follow the familiar schedule of commencing the AGM at 8:00 AM following a delegate breakfast.  We break for delegate lunch and return for an afternoon session.  After the AGM, there will be two seminars from 3:00 to 4:00, and two from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, covering Social Media, Insurance, Slalom, and Membership.  At 6:00 PM, we will open the bar for a cocktail hour, followed by a Buffet Banquet Dinner, Speaker to be announced, and Annual Awards. 

In preparation for an AGM, an agenda is set and reports drafted and distributed to JCNA groups and made available to all members by publication on the JCNA website.  While this information generally provides a sufficient starting point for making business and policy decisions, the discussion at the AGM, informally before and during the business meeting, provides valuable information, insight, and perspective one simply cannot reduce to paper, as much as we try.  Attendees will take home valuable knowledge about the health and direction of JCNA. 

Normalcy must return in the coming months along with additional social safety practices and changes in our personal habits.  Uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic may persist, and certain areas in North America may remain at higher risk.  We understand that some may feel trepidation when considering making plans to travel.  We are planning accordingly, prudently, with safety in mind, and in regular consultation with JCNA leadership.  In all activities that have been planned, as far as practically possible, we have made choices that distance our group from public interaction.  Columbia is off the beaten path and the Columbia Municipal Airport is a small facility with low traffic and quick and easy exit and entry.  We anticipate airfares to continue to be unusually reasonable. 

            Please see the AGM Registration Form that is on the back of the Jaguar Journal FLYSHEET.  Or visit JCNA.com for additional AGM information.   Also, you may contact Rob Thuss at rrthuss@me.com ….


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