Replacing Battery in Remote Lock control

Posted By SE21 on 07 May 2006
Jaguar Remote Lock Control BatteriesIf your Jaguar remote key is loosing its punch, and broadcasting range, you can change its battery yourself. You'll need a very small Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws holding the covers together. Radio Shack has a 6-pc set, part 64-1963 for about $6. Check the part number on the battery. XJS remotes used an alkaline battery, 12-volt type 23A, sold by Radio Shack as part 23-154 for about $6/pr. As you insert the new battery be sure the positive + pole is on the proper end. Also confirm that any tape used to insulate battery end contacts from the metalized trim bezel is in place. Reassemble the cover halves, inserting the rotating cylinder between them as you do, and do not over tighten the screws. Make a record in your vehicle manual of the date and battery type for future reference. Jim Morton, Carolina Jaguar Club, May 2006